Sri Anish

Founder & Chief Mentor- Sadho Sangha Foundation

Sri Anish is an ex-corporate CEO & was a successful entrepreneur. After co-founding ‘People Strong’ an IT-enabled HR business in 2006, he moved to the Himalayas for his deeper spiritual quest. After over a decade of intense ‘sadhana – spiritual practices’, in 2017 he was guided to move back into public life. Bringing spiritual awakening to corporate, social, business & educational leadership through specially crafted retreats & programs. His talks & programs bring value-based clarity, purposefulness & focus to world leaders, youth & future leaders.

Sri Anish is a prolific writer, international keynote speaker, founder of ‘Yugantar – a high-level think tank’, founder of ‘Saadho - a spiritual community in the Himalayas’, founder of an initiative named ‘Bodhshala’ to bring consciousness in education & also initiated a nation-building movement through a tele-series called ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’. Sri Anish is a regular speaker at some of the top business corporations, educational institutions & public forums. He also mentors senior leadership of many large institutions & start-ups alike.

He loves to ride his motorbike when time permits and travels extensively to bring this conscious evolution in the world. His first book ‘Let the Mud Settle’ was launched last year and is gaining a lot of appreciation.
When not travelling, Sri Anish spends time at his Himalayan abode in Dharamshala, India.

06:00 AM

Day 3

CIO and CISO Yoga and Wellness Session

Sri Anish, Founder & Chief Mentor- Sadho Sangha Foundation

12:15 PM

Day 3

Personal Wellness Keynote

Sri Anish, Founder & Chief Mentor- Sadho Sangha Foundation