Thang Joo Ming

Thang Joo Ming

Group CIO, UCSI Group Holdings Sdn Bhd

James Thang, Group CIO from UCSI, has 26 years of corporate experience in software development, digital transformation, digitalisation strategy, IT project and people management.

As a Group CIO of UCSI Group Holdings, he takes the lead of the entire UCSI Group & Subsidiaries on the Digital Transformation initiative, new UCSIPAY eWallet SuperApps and fully integrated with Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Parking system for the parking fees payment solution. The UCSIPAY eWallet Apps integrate with merchants/retails POS to create cashless payment solutions that support the SDGs initiative. Under his leadership and supervision, the in-house hardware and software team successfully implemented 47 in-house applications that automate all the business processes which reduce the wastage of time and paper and simplified and automated the business processes and approval workflow.

James is aware of the importance of the future digital roadmap toward the Hybrid workspace and Cloud initiative, as he continues to develop the sustainable future digital landscape for UCSI. He also plays an important role to engage with the Senior Management Team on the Cloud initiative and solutions, for e.g. the SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Prior to joining UCSI, he has many international career exposures in the Asia Pacific, China and Europe and within the multi-racial working environment, he has made various presentations to the board of directors and shareholders of MNCs and public listed companies.

His notable technical development background and hands-on experience have shaped him to wear C-Level hats particular as CEO, Group CIO, CTO and COO in several MNCs and public listed companies such as UCSI Group, Daimler Chrysler TSS, Time dotCom, Microsoft & etc.

Outside of work, he is a passionate Arowana fish community builder and hobbyist who have won several Arowana competitions in Malaysia and Indonesia.