Nagi Reddy Bommareddy

Nagi Reddy Bommareddy

IT Manager, Qatar Ceramics

13+ Years of IT experience specially in the Middle East market (Saudi Arabia : 2.5 years, UAE : 3 Years, Qatar : 7.5 years, USA: 6 months, India: 1 year), specialized in IT digitalization by using the powerful tool of ERP, and securing the data with innovative ideas. Transforming the Organizations from manual to fully digital(30+ companies). Believe and implement the method of success "Educating the users defines the success rate" of any IT project and data security.

Company BIO

First Ceramic Tile and decorations Company in Qatar, Technology driven manufacturing company with high quality, 

1:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Inaugural keynote - "Data Dive leads to education"

Nagi Reddy Bommareddy, IT Manager, Qatar Ceramics