Nagesh Konduru

Nagesh Konduru

Founder & CEO
Banyan Cloud Inc, USA

Nagesh Konduru is a Senior Technology Executive, Angel Investor and Apple Veteran from Silicon Valley, USA. He founded the Banyan Cloud, the next generation cyber security platform with a purpose of protecting the digital assets by enabling the code to cloud security and On-Premises data infrastructure.

He has spent more than two decades at Apple leading the technology platform teams responsible for empowering the Apple’s hyper growth systems such as iTunes, iCloud and Apple Pay.  He has spent three years on Oracle database customer advisory board.

He is also an active angle investor focused on technology startups that have the potential to become something big and impactful, and he always willing to support budding entrepreneurs.


12:25 pm - 12:40 pm

Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift: Governance & Continuous Monitoring

Nagesh Konduru Founder & CEO Banyan Cloud Inc, USA