Mohammed Adel Alshawbani

Mohammed Adel Alshawbani

CIO, Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company

As a Chief Information Officer at SAICO, Mohammed is leading the massive program targets to digital approaches to increase organizational capability, deliver efficiencies, improve operational robustness, foster a “digital culture”. He has strong technical expertise built by working for many years as a technical leader in international companies like Microsoft and Bupa. He usually gives many speeches on digital transformation and technology trends.

Company BIO

The company’s vision comprises of proper planning and future goals of benefitting from the accelerating and expected growth of the insurance sector in the Kingdom. SAICO endeavors to realize the desired results in the interest of its shareholders, customers and the insurance sector, in general.

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Influence, CIO key to Success

Mohammed Adel Alshawbani, CIO, Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company