Manny Johal

Manny Johal

Premiera Education Group

Manny Johal, a visionary CIO with nearly two decades of expertise in the UK and UAE. Specialising in driving technological innovation and operational efficiency in the education sector, Manny has been at the forefront of transforming educational institutions through advanced systems and cutting-edge AI. Manny has successfully deployed a global education system integrated with APIs across multiple platforms, ensuring seamless interoperability and optimal performance. His leadership has led to significant advancements in operational efficiency by streamlining tasks like scheduling and admissions, and optimising resource management. In the realm of data analytics, Manny's insights have helped predict student performance, identify at-risk students, and support strategic planning. His commitment to infrastructure and integration ensures that IT systems are seamlessly scalable to accommodate growing needs. A champion of AI innovations, Manny focuses on personalised learning systems and AI-driven assessments to enhance student learning outcomes. He is dedicated to ethical considerations, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and addressing AI biases. Moreover, Manny advocates for continuous professional development, training educators to effectively utilise AI tools.

11:40 am - 12:10 pm

Gen AI - Use cases, Infrastructure Readiness and Adaptability

Moderator: Jeevan Thankappan | Managing Editor, GEC Media Group
Manny Johal | Chief Information Officer, Premiera Education Group
Alaa Alyaseen Kurbag | Director-Information Tech., MAF retails Carrefour
Vipul Singhal | Digital Transformation Leader
Arun Kumar Mohta | Group IT Head, FJ Group