Eng. Mahmoud Hosny

Eng. Mahmoud Hosny

Head of Information Technology
Hassad for agriculture

Eng. Mahmoud Hosny is the Head of Information Technology at Hassad for Agriculture. A leading company in agricultural technology innovation. With over 12 years of experience in IT and digital transformation, I am pivotal in driving the technological advancements that power Hassad Company’s mission to revolutionize farming practices.

Professional Background:

  1. A) I began her career in IT after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering from the Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology. I join Hassad Company in 2012 as a Senior System Administrator, where she was instrumental in developing predictive models for crop yield optimization. Her innovative work in integrating machine learning algorithms with real-time data from IoT devices positioned Hassad Company as a leader in precision agriculture.
  2. B) I promoted to the role of Head of IT. In this capacity, she oversees the company’s IT infrastructure, cyber security, and the development of cutting-edge software solutions that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in farming. Her leadership has been key in the successful implementation of cloud-based platforms and the development of mobile applications that provide farmers with vital data at their fingertips.



Digital Transformation Leadership: Led the comprehensive digital transformation initiative at Hassad, resulting in a 30% increase in operational efficiency and significant cost savings.

Project: Garf Hussein Farm Project in Aswan (ERP Application’s – CCTV System – IT Infrastructure – Cyber Security Systems).

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Unleash the Might: Creating a Unified Vision and Stressing on the importance of aligning diverse stakeholders around a shared vision for transformation

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Eng. Mahmoud Hosny | Head of Information Technology, Hassad for agriculture