Ali Awkal

Ali Awkal

Country IT Director - Qatar
Hilton World Wide

“A customer and market-focused IT professional with business & leadership proficiency and strong ICT skills. I have acquired an ability to lead projects and teams to successfully deliver agreed upon solutions of the highest quality, often in complex and challenging customer environments.

My expertise spans IT Business Management, Business Development, Consultancy, Project Management, and Operations, enabling me to effectively spearhead initiatives that drive growth and enhance bottom-line performance. With a keen eye for strategy development, I have consistently rallied teams towards achieving targets and milestones, fostering an environment of motivation and collaboration.

My adaptable background allows me to seamlessly connect with both internal and external stakeholders, irrespective of industry or geographical boundaries.

I demonstrate ability to lead and motivate teams towards targets, milestones and strategy development to help in improving growth and bottom line performance.

I am a committed team player with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels and I can blend easily with international customers from different industries.”

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Unleash the Might: Creating a Unified Vision and Stressing on the importance of aligning diverse stakeholders around a shared vision for transformation

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Ali Awkal | Country IT Director - Qatar, Hilton World Wide
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