Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Head of Enterprise and Data Architecture, Al Tayer Group

Aamir Khan is a seasoned technology executive with over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. He currently serves as Head of Enterprise and Data Architecture at a luxury family retail company in the UAE, where he drives comprehensive digital transformation initiatives.

Aamir's journey into technology started at an early age, he was selected as one of the first students in the UK to be taught computing and artificial intelligence, setting a course for a distinguished career in the tech industry. Aamir went on to pursue an MSc in Information Systems and Technology from City University in London.

His career began at IBM, where he honed his skills in engineering and system design for highly available clusters and super scaler computing. This was followed by a stint at British Airways, where he managed intricate systems and contributed to the development of cutting-edge solutions.

Aamir then moved into the world of Investment Banking, where he left a significant mark on the industry's technology landscape. At Deutsch Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and JPMorgan Investment Bank, he architected high-speed trading floor systems, becoming known for his deep understanding of real-time, low-latency systems.

In the Retail Banking sector, Aamir orchestrated large-scale banking mergers during his time with Lloyds Banking Group and HBOS. His strategic oversight was essential in integrating technology stacks, harmonizing data, and ensuring system interoperability.

Aamir further expanded his portfolio in the Insurance industry with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Direct Line Insurance Group. There, he led IT aspects of significant divestments, adeptly managing the segregation of systems, reallocation of resources, and business continuity during transitions.

Seven years ago, Aamir moved to the UAE to spearhead the largest retail transformation programme for a luxury family retailer. His innovative work encompasses strategic transformation in cloud, e-commerce and m-commerce solutions, customer and contact centre experiences, and the largest network and infrastructure transformation in the region.

Additionally, Aamir has been a key advocate for artificial intelligence and automation, helping the company to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. He is also a strong promoter of inclusivity and capability-building, believing in the power of people to drive success.

Aamir's exceptional technical prowess and business acumen have enabled him to drive technology strategies that align with business goals. As a thought-leader in his field, he is frequently sought after for his insights on IT strategy, digital transformation, and technology innovation. Despite his demanding role, he continues to mentor up-and-coming IT professionals and shares his knowledge at industry conferences and seminars.