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in the 21st



The 21st century has been characterized by constant change and disruption. During this period the world has reached milestones never achieved before in history, which have greatly influenced the way people work and live.

The digital boom, technological innovations (personal computing, entertainment), invention of the smartphone, emergence of infrastructure platforms and the advent of social media are ground-breaking events that have taken place in a short span of time.

These changes have significantly impacted how organisations work and how business is conducted globally. The global challenges and rapid shifts are unique opportunities for growth, impact, and a competitive edge.

Martin Roll will focus on and demonstrate how CIOs and senior level IT decision makers can navigate complex enterprise ownerships structures including family conglomerates or joint private and public sector ownership structures to drive innovation, forward looking IT spending, and the appreciation of the role played by IT.

Senior technology executives should also develop the capability to deal effectively with multiple demanding global challenges spanning from geopolitical volatility, technological disruptions, economic and political uncertainty, to the rise of new challengers like China and shifting demographics.

The workshop will also cover their own 360-degree career progression including roadblocks and opportunity for advancing their business journeys.

The workshop will focus on how senior technology executives can become influential leaders and drive the transformation agenda.

How can they implement strategic technology and digital initiatives at all organizational levels and win boardroom and CEO support in a time of constant change?

Martin Roll will lead the participants through steps on how to balance short- and long-term priorities, build resilience and character, how to keep a horizontal and vertical outlook, balance global perspectives & local insights, and how to lead from a strong strategic compass.

The aim is to help the participants take away concrete personal and professional development plans that will inspire and develop themselves and their teams into the next generation of senior technology leaders.



Martin Roll

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