Mohammad Akram

IT Manager, Al Salam Hospital, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Mohamed Akram has over 18+ years of experience in Information Technology. He holds a master’s in computer application and certifications in PMP, IBM DB2 and Oracle.

He has worked in various organizations in India and abroad, spanning sectors such as B2B, more than 15 years with healthcare.

Akram has expertise in Technology General Management, focusing on Digital Transformation initiatives, Business Growth, and Efficiency outcomes. He excels in cultivating Innovation Ecosystems, Engineering and Product Development, Data and Security imperatives, Project Management and Complex Change Management. He assists organizations in improving production capabilities and business processes, enhancing overall performance, reducing process variation, identifying defect reduction areas, and boosting profits.

Akram has a proven track record of developing executive relationships, building high-performance teams, fostering partner alliances, and considering business economics, diversity, and cultural aspects.

As the IT Manager at Al Salam Hospital since 2021, Akram oversees end-to-end IT activities within the company and its associates. In his current role, Akram is responsible for defining and delivering IT strategy across the Hospital, including infrastructure, security, technical services, data analytics, business intelligence, software development, and ERP implementation and support. He ensures business growth, technology updates, reduced time, stability, and customer satisfaction.