Melvin Foong Mun Hoe

Chief Information Officer, GDex Berhad

Melvin was appointed as the Chief Information Officer on 18 July 2022. He is responsible for the overall technology stack of GDEX Berhad. He oversees the company’s Information Technology division comprising of multiple teams including software development, cyber security and infrastructure. Melvin was previously from Rakuten Trade where he achieved positive results in software quality as well as improved system uptime and reliability. Prior to joining Rakuten Trade, he was the Group Chief Technology Officer of a multinational company Premium Worldwide Co., Ltd for two years, based in Myanmar. He has held various senior roles, across ecommerce, property development, health, retail, manufacturing, education, hotels, logistics, and automotive industries. He has 20 years of work experience covering software development, database administration, digital forensic, and cyber security.