Arlene Romasanta


Ms. Arlene A. Romasanta is an ICT Leader and Manager with more than 28 years of experience in the field of ICT. Among her expertise are ICT Governance, Management & Leadership, Digital Transformation, Data Governance, Project Management, Systems & Infrastructure Development, Business, Process and Systems Analysis, Strategic Planning, Research and Development, Productivity & Quality Management & Assessment, Internal Audit and Knowledge Management. She used to represent the Philippines in various leadership and technical sessions local and international. Earned additional post graduate degrees from the Netherlands, Singapore, Korea and recently Australia, all in the field of ICT ranging from project management, CIO course, AI and Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Data Management. She received local and international awards and recognitions for the projects that she managed and for her exemplary performance in the job. Has been regarded as a respected ICT Expert for serving as technical resource person, adviser, consultant and subject matter expert in various organizations such as government, academe, and industry in the areas of digital transformation, data governance, data analytics and others. She can be trusted as someone with integrity who can deliver, has the genuine concern and pure intent for public service and to leverage ICT for growth and development. Driven by the passion to serve God and contribute positive changes for the good of many. Currently, she is serving as the Chief/Information Technology Officer in the Data Warehouse and Analytics Division (DWAD), Management Information Systems Service (MISS) of the DICT. Her experience and leadership throughout the years evolved in the implementation of digital transformation programs through identification, development and implementation of critical and/or strategic information systems and applications, development of standards and policies, database and infrastructure, training and development, stakeholder engagement and collaboration, technologies and innovation.