Zainol Zainuddin

Zainol Zainuddin

Chief Technology Officer

Zainol Zainuddin is an accomplished leader in IT Transformation, boasting an extensive career spanning over three decades. He has consistently provided exceptional guidance and direction to numerous IT Operations and undertaken large-scale Program/Project Management initiatives, primarily within the Financial and TELCO industries. In 2023, he has achieved the notable recognition of being inducted into the World CIO 200 by the Global CIO Forum, specifically the Malaysia Chapter.

Zainol's track record showcases his ability to effectively manage and advise a wide range of projects, ranging from modest budgets of RM250K to substantial ones reaching RM390M. His portfolio encompasses notable achievements, including spearheading Core Banking replacement programs, overseeing Internet Banking implementations for both retail and corporate sectors, managing regulatory compliance projects mandated by BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia), and successfully handling Payment and FINTECH programs.

A key attribute of Zainol is his proficiency in delivering IT Strategic plans that align with agreed roadmaps and priorities. He excels in leveraging his interpersonal skills and change management expertise to excel in stakeholder management—an indispensable component for ensuring the triumph of any transformation program.

Zainol's academic qualifications include a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, where he earned the distinction of being listed on the Dean's List, from the University of Hartford in CT, USA. Committed to professional growth, he has actively pursued various management, business, technical, and leadership courses from esteemed training institutions, both domestically and internationally.

5:25 pm - 5:55 pm

Technology as a Catalyst: Examine how technology serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation, facilitating communication, collaboration, and the seamless integration of processes across borders.

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