Radhakrishnan Mahalingam

Radhakrishnan Mahalingam

President & Honorary Advisory Committee (BLI)
Government Blockchain Association

Radhakrishnan is a certified BMM Advisor and a Honorary Advisory committee member of BLI, Florida. With a COP28 certification from University of Edinburgh, RK enables and drives the stage for Emerging technology transformations and provides 'C' suites with strategic direction for AI , Blockchain maturity modelling , Cyber security and Forensics practice and is considered as a MENA guardian / influencer of the organization's vision and mission. RK graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Applications (MCA) from Bharathidasan University and specialized in Blockchain foundations (BFC) and Blockchain Maturity modeling (BMM) through Government Blockchain Association, Fairfax - Virginia. He was recently awarded with Digital CEO of the year (2024), Legal Luminary award (2024), Global CIO award (2023) , GCF Excellence award (2024) to name a few. RK is a consummate technology professional by leading and participating in Hackathons, judges multiple events and Competitions, Mentor Youths interested in AI, Blockchain, Space technology , Forensics and Legal services.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Unleash the Might: Creating a Unified Vision and Stressing on the importance of aligning diverse stakeholders around a shared vision for transformation

Mr.Radhakrishnan Mahalingam, President & Honorary Advisory Committee (BLI) at Government Blockchain Association.
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