Husain A. ALNakkas

Husain A. ALNakkas

Information Technology Director, National Assembly of Kuwait

As a senior executive, I am responsible for the information technology and information systems that support large enterprise goals and deploy new technology.
Throughout my career I have been driven by my 20 years of experience in Information technology to find solutions to most critical tasks. I’ve been able to quickly uncover stakeholders’ difficult points and identify a strategic solution.

My role is to understand, articulate and plan how to use existing and emerging technologies to transform a government organization into an increasingly digital one, where technology helps it compete in the evolving digital economy.

As a C-level executive, responsibilities for setting the IT strategy and ensuring that this works with the national assembly strategy, requires me to be able to understand the government requirements and which to prioritize using technology. When it comes to digital transformation as Kuwait Vision 2035 IT leaders should keep a watchful eye over new technologies, such as AI, VR and IoT, cloud computing and big data analytics. With my refined skill set, I bring digital transformation that enable firms to innovate and thrive, and this what I did on my information technology career as director manager for National Assembly of Kuwait.

Specialities: Digital transformation Cybersecurity, optimizes technology resources, establishes, and maintains the technology infrastructure and Strategic planning skills.

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm

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Husain A. ALNakkas Information Technology Director National Assembly of Kuwait