Dr.-Ing. Imen Hbiri

Dr.-Ing. Imen Hbiri

CEO RoboCare, RoboCare

Dr. Imen HBIRI is an experienced engineer with over 10 years of industrial experience in integrating new technologies into the industry. She is currently the CEO of RoboCare and a Digital transformation advisor.​

After obtaining her Ph.D. and Master's degrees from Rice University and ENIS TN, Dr. Imen began her career in the industry.​

Dr. Imen co-founded RoboCare, a company that uses modern technologies and traditional farming skills to optimize crop production for sustainable agriculture."​

HBIRI's expertise in new technologies has helped many SMEs (Natilait, Tunifries, SOHAG, PlasticSfax, Ejim,...) in their digital transformation journey and drive revenue growth.​

In her free time, Dr. Imen enjoys volunteering to train kids in robotics, IoT, and IA. She also volunteers with a local association.