Charbel Zreiby

Charbel Zreiby

Dell Technologies

It all started during a summer job, mostly helping to assemble PCs and it’s when Technology grew on me. Since then, I’ve completed my master’s degree in computer engineering, built a solid experience through different roles and organizations I’ve worked with & evolved into a renowned industry professional & executive leader. IT has been my field of expertise for more than 20 years working closely with both partners & customers across regional markets across Turkey, Middle East & Africa. With time, I realized that the most fulfilling aspect of my job is to make a real impact on people’s lives as I always felt easiness connecting with others & helping them develop personally/professionally; when the energy is channeled into this, magic happens in boosting business performance

Behind my serious Geek smile, lays a big heart that longs to help others. Therefore, in parallel with my career, I enrolled in a coaching program that set me on a journey of self-discovery enabling me to understand Leadership in a new light & to adopt a holistic approach to Leadership at work. Leading others isn't limited to guiding team members in their daily tasks but rather to supporting them in revealing their strengths & transform into better versions of themselves. This made me tap into myself & evolve as a leader.

Assessing my inner-self & understanding what influenced me throughout the years, be it experiencing different leadership practices, giving up on a passion or climbing the ladder of success, were vital in shaping my leadership style. It boiled down to one straightforward equation of not inflicting on others what we don’t like others to inflict on us. This, along with openness, empathy, transparency and authenticity constitute my value system reflected in everything I engage in. It is how I found my true calling in the Mantra of “Lead, Inspire, Transform and Thrive”, genuinely caring for my clients’ needs & my team members’ aspirations & development to achieve personal & corporate objectives

Recently, alongside my IT career, I have been preparing to launch executive coaching services that would allow me to partner with others on the path of self-growth, transforming into better versions of ourselves. I firmly believe that my professional background serves as a unique asset in my leadership coaching as it makes my perspective on problem solving distinct & effective. I can now share my learnings & empower others, paving the way for positive behavioral change & consequently increasing their corporate performance & career progression. So, let’s inspire and get inspired!