CH Ngoh

CH Ngoh

Director, Corporate Information Centre
HELP University

Ngoh's professional journey, starting from a psychology graduate to the Director of the Corporate Information Centre, showcases a genuine commitment to continuous learning and pragmatic problem-solving. Beginning with a limited understanding of IT, Ngoh adeptly navigated day-to-day computer challenges, engaging in self-directed learning and troubleshooting, contributing significantly to HELP University's digital transformation.

In the realm of IT management, Ngoh orchestrates the setup of networks, ensuring high availability, business continuity, and compliance with auditing requests from multinational clients. Collaborating with the HELP team, he emphasizes the role of Information Technology not merely as a business enabler but as the driving force behind HELP University's transformed image in the education industry and its embrace of technology.

His collaborative approach extends to fostering a creative and technology-driven working environment at HELP University. This involves navigating challenges from cost-conscious stakeholders, vigilant suppliers, and demanding users. The digital transformation undertaken goes beyond the deployment of software, emphasizing a collective mindset change.

As the Director of the Corporate Information Centre, Ngoh's responsibilities transcend traditional IT management, encompassing everything on campus connected to a power plug. This includes services running on end-user devices and solving seemingly unrelated business issues through innovative automation solutions, a source of both thrill and achievement for him.

In addition to his role at HELP, Ngoh actively contributes to the broader IT community. His active involvement in the PIKOM CIO Chapter reflects a commitment to fostering connections among IT leaders in Malaysia, providing mutual support for daily challenges and strategic collaboration for the future.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ngoh is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), showcasing his dedication to personal and academic growth.

5:25 pm - 5:55 pm

Technology as a Catalyst: Examine how technology serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation, facilitating communication, collaboration, and the seamless integration of processes across borders.

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