Arsalan Ayub

Arsalan Ayub

Mentor ISACA International

Arsalan is a Tactical Change Enthusiast leveraging his 15 plus years in the industry to impact lives globally by ensuring business ideas are turned into reality. Currently Evangelizing Fintech, Security, Web3, Digital Trust and DeFi.

Experienced across a spectrum of industries spanning from Government, Telecommunications, Hospitality to Financial Institutes and a champion at creating new revenue streams while optimizing the existing ones.

Possessing global work experience with large corporations and communities. Been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable award in 2007/2009. Participated in development and review of various frameworks and manuals at ISACA, NIST, IASA and MS. Technical Head of the founding member of the Bahrain Fintech Bay. A passionate mentor, digital trust advocate and SME for privacy at ISACA international. Held various director positions at ISACA Bahrain Chapter focusing on Membership at the moment.

A transformational leader known for his authenticity in creating a psychologically safe culture where employees make mistakes resulting in growth, cherishing integrity, emotional intelligence and intellectual curiosity.

11:01 am - 11:30 am

Welcoeme Note | Country Inaugural Keynote