Albert Silva

Albert Silva

Director, Information and Communications Technology Center
San Beda University

With over two decades of experience in the IT domain, my core
competencies lie in network administration and cybersecurity, with a profound dedication to advancing the technological framework at San Beda University. My mission is to foster an environment of innovation and excellence within the institution, ensuring that our ICT strategies align with the university's broader goals. Leveraging diverse perspectives and experiences, I am committed to enhancing our digital infrastructure and services. As the Director of the Office of Information and Communications Technology Center, I am responsible for managing two pivotal
offices: the Information Technology-Development and Services
Office and the Information Technology-Communications Office. My role involves not only overseeing operations but also implementing cutting-edge IT solutions that support our academic community. With certifications in Cybersecurity and a hands-on approach to network administration, I am dedicated to maintaining a secure and efficient IT environment that underpins the university's success.

5:05 pm - 5:35 pm

Agility and Adaptability: How CIOs are enabling organizations to pivot and innovate rapidly to stay ahead of the curve.

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Albert Silva | Director, Information and Communications Technology Center, San Beda University
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